Deep Dives

World Data Overview - Global Heat Maps

COVID-19 in Motion - Animated Time Series for cases, deaths and testing

Houston Haynes

8 minute read

When I started working with the Our World In Data COVID-19 data set I wanted to chart out a few things to get a feel for the data. I’ve done this work for quite a while and the first thing you often do is a form of reality check. In some cases I checked againtt other charts based on the same data…

Near-Real-Time Hyperion Analysis

A cloud-based monitor for consolidation heuristics

Houston Haynes

16 minute read

The term “performance” can have different connotations. In financial firms it most often refers to profit or loss. In tech companies, it can refer to throughput of an application or service. In this case, the term “performance” shares both of those connotations. The company was upgrading their…

Conversion Win-Loss in a Global E-Com Platform

Increasing sell-through by re-tooling the stack

Houston Haynes

12 minute read

Conversion in e-commerce generally refers to a process where site visitors become paying customers. This portfolio entry discusses some of the analysis conducted for the one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. I also refer to some of the mobile device simulations and related functions used…