What the F(#) is Next?

A winding journey to a more functional and more hopeful path forward in the cloud and at the edge

Houston Haynes

26 minute read

Spend enough time in technology and you see recurring patterns ebb and flow. The democratization of technology - areas of specialization evolving into commodities - has largely been a net positive. But if you get caught up in the swirl of it you sometimes miss the bigger picture. I did. In my recent…

Is Your Job Description A Ransom Note?

A company's open positions and interview approach says more about its culture than any "About Us" page

Houston Haynes

13 minute read

The second person I hired in my career stayed with that company for 20+ years after I moved on. He eventually became the lead hardware engineer for one of the most widely recognized brands in the world of electronic music. This is what you’d call “an outlier”. I have never repeated that feat, but I…

Low Code is Dead. Long Live Low Code!

An Introduction to the General Theory of Low Code Relativity

Houston Haynes

17 minute read

Technology providers ride the 24-hour hype cycle as much as they drive it - and with that comes peaks and valleys in the signal-to-noise ratio online. This week was Microsoft’s “Build” showcase - and with that comes their big marketing push to companies and the broader development community. I…

Adaptive Design for Software - A Proposal

A Working Theory That Leverages Systems Thinking & Adaptive Management

Houston Haynes

7 minute read

How Agile Jumped the Shark into a Zombie Apocalypse

Understanding Software Systems Law According to Moore & Conway

Houston Haynes

17 minute read

If you’ve spent any amount of time in this field you will have noticed a “lost-and-found” cycle of various truisms in software engineering. Through the years the discourse on agile patterns and practices has been both the beneficiary and victim of a recurrent novelty effect. It is continually…