Canada: Possible post-Thanksgiving Outbreak

COVID-19 in Motion - a preamble to a Thanksgiving outbreak in the US?

Houston Haynes

3 minute read

Having taken a turn with the data following Israel’s increase in mask-wearing compliance, I decided to look at the data in Canada after someone warned me about their Thanksgiving showing an ominous trend. Again, here I’m using Our World In Data as a source. I decided to map cases and deaths per…

Flexing Accessibility

Creating an adaptive "dark mode" switch using CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap

Houston Haynes

10 minute read

I told myself I’d keep this simple. And even though I failed in that goal, the compromises yielded important lessons along the way. As usual those lessons started as roadblocks. Hopefully this entry will help others save some time and frustration when considering a similar path. As with anything web…

AWS IAM Giveth And Taketh Away

Tailoring permissions to Manage Elemental Media Channels

Houston Haynes

6 minute read

Elemental is a highly versatile media streaming platform, and it dovetails well to long-standing Amazon services. This sidebar is about how I configured a “viewer+” role for all resources in and around it. This would provide minimal permissions, from S3 to CloudFront, for…