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Adaptive Design for Software - A Proposal

A Working Theory That Leverages Systems Thinking & Adaptive Management

Houston Haynes

7 minute read

Adaptive Design for Software [AD4S] started as a thought experiment - a moment of clarity from my 20+ years in software and leading teams - from start-ups to multi-national conglomerates. AD4S is a rubric for decisions in complex software that maintains a first-create-then-evaluate working pattern.…

Flexing Accessibility

Creating an adaptive "dark mode" switch using CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap

Houston Haynes

10 minute read

I told myself I’d keep this simple. And even though I failed in that goal, the compromises yielded important lessons along the way. As usual those lessons started as roadblocks. Hopefully this entry will help others save some time and frustration when considering a similar path. As with anything web…