Tag: Android

Telematics with Two Lines of Code: Seeking Simplicity

Unpacking a vehicle telemetry solution from the code-side out

Houston Haynes

14 minute read

Any time I see someone mention “low code” I’m reflexively skeptical. Along those lines, the title of this article series is offered with a wink and a smile. There are many, many lines of code in this project - and fortunately for both you and me I did not have to create them all. But that’s partly…

Toward Smarter Bicycle Handlebars

Teasing features out of an Arduino embedded project using Android and Google Location Services APIs

Houston Haynes

13 minute read

While this side project is a few years old, and the project itself did not yield a sustainable business, it had some really great concepts behind it that pre-saged many common features in the micro-mobility sector. It gave me a chance to reconnect with my hardware roots, and embrace my enthusiasm…