Tag: AWS

AWS IAM Giveth And Taketh Away

Tailoring permissions to Manage Elemental Media Channels

Houston Haynes

6 minute read

Elemental is a highly versatile media streaming platform, and it dovetails well to long-standing Amazon services. This sidebar is about how I configured a “viewer+” role for all resources in and around it. This would provide minimal permissions, from S3 to CloudFront, for…

Coaxing AWS Amplify to play well with Azure DevOps

Using a simple Azure DevOps Build Pipeline to feed Amplify for Continuous Integration and Deployment

Houston Haynes

4 minute read

The client I’m working with operates only in AWS - however - they manage all of their code in Azure DevOps. In building out a rapid prototyping site, I needed a mechanism that was light and fast. It seemed that AWS Amplify fit the bill - at least at first. I have years of experience building machine…

Conversion Win-Loss in a Global E-Com Platform

Increasing sell-through by re-tooling the stack

Houston Haynes

12 minute read

Conversion in e-commerce generally refers to a process where site visitors become paying customers. This portfolio entry discusses some of the analysis conducted for the one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. I also refer to some of the mobile device simulations and related functions used…