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COVID in India - A Perfect Storm?

Confounding Congregate Events and Strains of the Virus Straining Systems to the Breaking Point

Houston Haynes

12 minute read

From the early days of lock down last year I was just as worried for a possible COVID-20 and COVID-21 as the current COVID-19. And when reconnecting with friends and former co-workers, many of whom work in public health and study of infectious diseases, the collective sentiment was largely similar.…

Canada: Possible post-Thanksgiving Outbreak

COVID-19 in Motion - a preamble to a Thanksgiving outbreak in the US?

Houston Haynes

3 minute read

Having taken a turn with the data following Israel’s increase in mask-wearing compliance, I decided to look at the data in Canada after someone warned me about their Thanksgiving showing an ominous trend. Again, here I’m using Our World In Data as a source. I decided to map cases and deaths per…

COVID-19 Datapothecary

Processing observation level data for more reliable calculated metrics

Houston Haynes

9 minute read

There’s a running joke in machine learning circles that data wrangling is 10% skill and 90% anger management. While that’s funny because it’s true, in the case of health care data the consequences can be deadly serious. In California, problems with reporting likely and confirmed COVID-19 deaths in…