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Low Code is Dead. Long Live Low Code!

An Introduction to the General Theory of Low Code Relativity

Houston Haynes

16 minute read

Technology providers ride the 24-hour hype cycle as much as they drive it - and with that comes peaks and valleys in the signal-to-noise ratio online. This week was Microsoft’s “Build” showcase - and with that comes their big marketing push to companies and the broader development community. I…

How Agile Jumped the Shark into a Zombie Apocalypse

Understanding Software Systems Law According to Moore & Conway

Houston Haynes

17 minute read

If you’ve spent any amount of time in this field you will have noticed a “lost-and-found” cycle of various truisms in software engineering. Through the years the discourse on agile patterns and practices has been both the beneficiary and victim of a recurrent novelty effect. It is continually…