Tag: DevOps

Deploying my R blogdown Based Site - Part 1

Hacking a self-hosted build with PowerShell

Houston Haynes

9 minute read

I’ve long held (as in for decades) that a software engineer could only brandish the “full stack” moniker if they had experience with instrumenting automated deployment. Over the past few years “devops” has become all the rage, and I’m here for it. This is the first of three articles outlining how I…

Coaxing AWS Amplify to play well with Azure DevOps

Using a simple Azure DevOps Build Pipeline to feed Amplify for Continuous Integration and Deployment

Houston Haynes

4 minute read

The client I’m working with operates only in AWS - however - they manage all of their code in Azure DevOps. In building out a rapid prototyping site, I needed a mechanism that was light and fast. It seemed that AWS Amplify fit the bill - at least at first. I have years of experience building machine…