Houston as an engineer and department lead

Nasheed Sabree - Founder & Managing Partner, Rower Consulting - Atlanta, GA
Nasheed Sabree
Houston and I have worked together over the years in collaborations spanning healthcare and government verticals. His experience continuously yielded keen insights in balancing performance and security that led to better architectures, improved processes and systems that continue to perform long after their initial delivery. When building teams, he has a strong reflex for inclusive interview and retention strategies, and has a knack for developing high-aptitude contributors into true subject matter experts. In addition to being a proven architect and leader, Houston possesses a unique blend of technical skills and business acumen that enables him to quickly grasp new technologies and lead high performing teams.

Roger Pink, Ph.D. - Data Scientist / BI Engineer, Kaiser Permanente - Albany, NY
Roger Pink, Ph.D.
Houston applies an academic understanding of machine learning to real-world problems with a balance of rigor and pragmatism. His domain experience with applied data science shortens time to insight both in analysis and operational phases of the process. I highly recommend him.

Anu Narendran - Data Scientist, XLFN Consulting - Seattle, WA
Anu Narendran
Houston is a nurturing, supportive technical leader. He has a talent of making people comfortable in the toughest situations. After I started, he was generous with his time, helping me become comfortable with the demands of the job. He also valued my experience, asking my advice unique to my background with other companies. Houston is a high-level manager who embraces the details and motivates people to achieve more. Conversations with Houston always amazes with his in-depth knowledge. I highly recommend working with and for him.

Chris Anastas - Founder & CEO of - Los Angeles, CA
Chris Anastas
The ripple effect from the emergence of COVID-19 forced our start-up to respond to the most challenging market conditions of the modern era. With limited resources and time I had to find the right technical leader to step in and re-orient our business. Houston immediately helped us re-define our product road map and provided counsel for technical and business domains in equal part. His insight into front-of-house and back office systems along with his analytics expertise helped us to season our approach as we forged new partnerships with media companies. I can recommend him for his amazing engineering capability, unparalleled problem solving skills and his ability to earn the trust of our global, multi-cultural business partners.